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Google Login doesn't redirect back to app while using "Use your phone to sign in" and throws an exception of "A task was cancelled".

We are using Google login for our xamarin app.
We are able to login to the app using sign in with google when user enters password for the google account he intends to log in with.

But when user has activated Signing in with google option as "Use your phone to sign in" it approves the sign in but also it throws an exception of "A task was cancelled".
In this case the user does not need to enter his password he is notified on his phone about login pop ups and then his sign-in is approved by google but does not redirect back into the app.

Also if user selects an account which is already on the phone we are able to login but not when that account is not on that phone.

What should happen:- No matter how the user sign in through google with a password or by phone authentication the user should be redirected into the app without giving the exception.

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I am also facing an issue with my application. After google login, I'm not redirecting within my application, if I'm using "Use your phone for the sign in."

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While using sign in as phone google authentication in my application. I am also facing same issue, not able to redirect to my application after clicking on yes button. If anyone has any solution for this or do I need to change in my code please post here asap.

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