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Azure AD B2C Migrate user after that login programatically


we are migrating user from our identity to the azure ad b2c, now we want to login our user programmatically, is this possible in azure ad b2c?

wait for response

thank you.

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Thanks @MuhammadUsmanshaikh-5935 and I would suggest to please follow the document -

Pre-migration steps will help. However Could you please explore in more detail login our user programmatically?

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means of login user programmatically,

let me explain you that, as user migrate to the azure ad b2c tenant, we want to make him online and generate his access token with user interact with login screen, so is that possible?

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Thanks @MuhammadUsmanshaikh-5935 and based on your statement to make him online means to access Microsoft 365 applications. If I am correct then Azure AD B2C can't be used to authenticate users for Microsoft 365. Please refer this document for more information -

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