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RDP Session randomly switches displys after being minimized

I RDP from a Windows 10 Dell Laptop to my machine in my workplace. I have a second display (same resolution, 1920x1080) hooked up. This is my secondary display. It is a regular occurrence that when I minimize the RDP session then click on it in the task bar that it will jump back from the secondary display (where it should be) to the primary display (the laptop's native monitor).

I am RDP'ing to a single display host in my workplace. I have been doing this for years, and have never had this problem before with other hardware, it seems to be new to either this laptop or to a Window's update. Dell says it's a Windows problem, and it seems that others have had similar issues. However, I can't find an official Microsoft response or solution to this particular manifestation of this issue.

I have tried minimizing, maximizing, resizing, and all sorts of permutations. I have ensured that I've dragged all the connection windows to the second monitor before clicking the various "continue" and "connect" buttons. I've done everything except modify the registry, as I'm hoping that hard coding the location of the run is not necessary.

Note also that this only happens with RDP. Office apps, spotify, browsers, task manager, you name it, it doesn't forget which display it's supposed to be on. Only RDP.

Thanks much in advance!

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Thank you for posting your query. According to your description, more information would be grateful.

  1. can you enter winver in command prompt on both local win10 computer and remote computer then look the os version and os version number ?[for example windows 10 enterprise 1809 (os build 17763.316)]

  2. have you never had this problem before with other hardware?
    which hardware did you change ?did you change hardware on local laptop or remote pc ?

  3. can you share the picture or video about your issue?
    Please make sure that the pictures you post do not contain your company and your private information (including but not limited to domain name, public IP, email account, domain account, etc.). These private information must be altered.

  4. is there another laptop can be involved,then remote access from this test laptop to remote pc ,will the same issue happen ?

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  1. Remote (corporate) is Windows 10 Enterprise, Version 1809, OS Built 17763.1757. Local version is Windows 10 Home, Version 20H2, Build 19042.867 running on a Dell Inspiron 37933. No docking station, monitor plugged directly into second monitor.

  2. I have not recently had this problem with other hardware (though, a number of years ago, I did, but not recently). Work hardware is did not change, monitor did not change, only laptop did. Previous laptop was an Asus VivoBook S510UA-DS71, currently updated to Version 1909, Build 18363.1440. Note that cabling is identical on the new machine as on the previous one.

  3. No, I cannot share a picture. It would not add anything; it is a standard RDP session with a corporate background and obvious corporate specific software and desktop icons.

  4. See 2.

Thanks much!

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Still hoping for input on this.

As much as I appreciate @GraceHE-MSFT's response, (1) it doesn't solve the problem at hand.

From what I can find on the web, this is a known issue; however, finding a working solution seems to be a bit more of an unknown.

Thanks much in advance

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1 Answer

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Thank you for the detailed information. Here are some suggestions.

please try edit the group policy on the remote client.
local group policy editor->computer configuration->administrative templates->windows conmponents->remote desktop services->remote desktop session host->remote session environment

Thank you for your feedback. This solution may be basicly applied in the senario you mentioned above. Since the issue you encounter is complex, it is highly recommended that a case should be opened and you need more official help.

Global Customer Service phone numbers (

---If the suggestions above are helpful, please ACCEPT ANSWER. Really appreciate. This will also help others with similar issue to find this post quickly. ---

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Thank you, but if I am reading what you wrote correctly, I cannot make that level of configuration changes on a corp machine.

I own the laptop that I come in from, but they own the host to which I RDP, and I do not have admin on that machine.

Is there nothing simpler for this issue? It seems truly strange to me that a single remote RDP desktop, in a window locally, cannot remember the last display upon which I was shown.

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