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StorageFolder.GetFilesAsync() is not working in ARM 64 architecture


I have a problem specific to Windows.Storage build for ARM64. Tested on x86 with no sight of any kind of problems.

Here is the problem: The GetFilesAsync method returns an empty collection without considering the presence of files in the specified 'KnownFolders' directory. When the method GetFileAsync() was used to load an existing file in the same 'KnownFolders' directory the result was correct. And again this only applies to ARM64 build.

My setup is:
UWP Visual Studio template.
Target version 1903, Build 18362.
HoloLens 2 device

Thank you for any suggestions in advance.

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@Antoniolliev-0028 We are consulting other engineers for your question. There may be some delay.

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Thank you very much for your time.
Мeanwhile I sent a StackOverflow question as you suggested.

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@Antoniolliev-0028 After my test, the code works well on PC, it may be related to the HoloLens devices. You could ask this issue on StackOverflow with Hololens tag,

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Hi AryaDing,
Thank you for checking this issue, and for the tag suggestion.
Have a nice day.

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