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in Azure ADF why command Get-AzDataFactoryV2Pipeline returns infor about 50 pipelines only ?

while running Get-AzDataFactoryV2Pipeline command to get information of all pipelines in my data factory i am getting information of only 50 pipelines where as there are 100 pipelines. command : Get-AzDataFactoryV2Pipeline -ResourceGroupName "foo" -DataFactoryName "bar" should return info about 100 pipelines where as it is returning info of 50 pipelines only. how should i get the info of all 100 pipelines Please help

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@kanthaleaniket-0443 Thanks for using Microsoft Q&A !!
I could see all the pipelines when it is more than 50 as well. (See Screenshot below).

What's the version of Az.DataFactory module you are using in Powershell ? I have 1.11.4 installed.

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@kanthaleaniket-0443 Following up as I haven't heard back. Are you still having this issue.

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@kanthaleaniket-0443 Please let me know if you still see the same results and need help.

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