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CDN for Custom Vision JavaScript APIs

I'm trying to create an Azure Custom Vision Training API client in a browser (not Node.js). I would like to know if there is a CDN that hosts the API. The documentation here seems to assume that I have the JavaScript libraries downloaded to my host. I tried to consume them from but it appears to be giving me the wrong version, based on this error message I get when trying to make a call.

Error: Access denied due to invalid subscription key or wrong API endpoint. Make sure to provide a valid key for an active subscription and use a correct regional API endpoint for your resource.

I have checked and rechecked the key, and tried both of my keys, so I do not believe that is the issue.

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Hi, thanks for reaching out. Here's our quickstart documentation for creating an image classification and object detection project with the Custom Vision JavaScript client library. Please refer to the pre-requisites and set-up guide. Let me know if you have further questions. Thanks.

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Thanks for the reply. I have read through all of that documentation and nowhere does it answer the question I posted.

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An extra bit of information that might help get to the bottom of this. This is the URL that is failing.

Notice the "v3.4-preview" in there. In the MS documentation, version numbers are all over the map. Some places it says v3.0 is deprecated. Some show only one version - v4.0.0. Others show the current version as v5.2.0. Although the samples show code for a browser version, they show the packages as being loaded from a local node-modules folder. So I installed Node and npm and downloaded the packages then referenced them in my browser page - same result.

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Are you able to get results with either v3.3 or v3.4-preview reference while using valid parameter values? Also, can you try using the recently published package version 5.2.0?

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