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XML CDATA section test (please ignore)

Please ignore this question.
I am just testing XML CDATA section in the source code.
So far, this site was not allowing to use XML CDATA section in the source code.

Feedback post: xquery-and-add-image-functionality-is-broken.html

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It still does not seem to permit CDATA. At least I don't see any source code with it.

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Alas, one year plus of existence of this site is not enough to make it happen.
Please check the link in the question. You will see what I tried to post as an answer. And what error it gives.

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While ugly, i guess you could do:

SELECT @cdata = 'CDATA['

And then use that variable when you post your solution. Would of course point out that the variable is only due to a limitation in the forum platform. Possibly you could add a "clean" solution as a screenshot.

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