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Windows Discovery Process - unkown GET DATA command with TAG 0x3FFF


I trying implement CCID on an USB Device and have problem with the Windows Discovery Process as described here:

As described in the Smart Card Plug and Play Process step 2. I answer the GET DATA prompt 0x7F68, with the card Identifier.
Apparently successful, as I find the Device-ID (SCFILTER\CID_XX..) to be the one put in the card Identifier as described in “Windows Smart Card Framework Card Identifier”.

The problem is now that instead of going to step 11, windows no issues an additional SELECT command (0xA4 04 00) and then a GET DATA command (0xCB 3F FF).
I answer the get SELECT command with the FCI (file control information), but there is no documentation on how to answer the GET DATA command with TAG 0x3FFF.
I tried to answer it with a unknown command status, but without success. The discovery process repeats this command 18 times, apparently not satisfied with my answer.

Do you know the meaning of the GET DATA command with TAG 0x3FFF?

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