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Visual Studio 0xc000005 Errors

I installed Visual Studio 2019, restarted my computer, after which the 0xc000005 error started popping up for a large number of the applications on my computer. I've uninstalled both Visual Studio as well as the installer it came with, but the problem persists - I can't open a bunch of programs, and in some cases, I can't uninstall them because the uninstall file can't run either.

Here's a list of things that I've tried that haven't worked:
Deactivating Data Execution Prevention;
Running Windows Memory Diagnostic;
Running a disc check;
Editing AppInnit_Dlls in Regedit;
Uninstalling specific Windows updates that were mentioned on some forum as possible culprits, but there are no new updates on my system (according to the history);
Running sfc /scannow;
Running chkdsk on start up.

What else can I do?

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Hi @davbad1-8447, do you mean that the error 0xc000005 still occurs after you uninstall the VS 2019? Could you share us some screenshots and installation logs in order for us to investigate further? Please download and run this collect.exe tool, go to %temp% folder and find the file, upload it to and share the link here.

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