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MS Graph can't query for SharePoint data


I'm trying to query 365 SharePoint list data from MS Graph.

I've setup the app via and I gave it application permissions to everything that is required for User, Mail, Sites and Groups. I gave it permissions on the MS Graph and SharePoint sections within the permissions.

I can query for Users and their calendar information but when it comes to Sites I get the following.


We have the Azure AD Premium P1 subscription for Education.

I tried using the same tenant ID, Client ID and secret in Postman and I get similar results.

I tried to query for the same data via myself logged into Graph Explorer and I get the data I'm expecting.

How can I query for the data from SharePoint via the app credentials for all sites and all data in my tenant

Thank you.

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Try replicate the same application permission in POSTMAN and see if you can still repro the issue or not.

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Hello Deva,

I've added the following permissions to my app and this doesn't allow me to query over to Sites.

Do I need the permissions in the SharePoint section?



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