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Why .NET Security Updates for x64 Windows Server includes many other packages including ones for Desktop systems and x86 systems


I'm curious how one is suppose to determine which of these packages in the update shown below is supposed to be installed when downloading from the MS Update Catalog? If you are running a Server OS (say 2016 Datacenter x64) and that server has some instance of .NET on it which was detected and determined to require the following primary update shown below in BOLD but when going to the MS Update Catalog to download this update you are greeted with 10 individual downloads as seen below. Some of these updates are x86 others are x64 and even beyond that we see windowsdesktop-runtime files as well.

If I look at a server prior to installing all these files included with the download it has none of these other packages installed but once the update shown in BOLD is applied that server now has all these updates installed that are seemingly not supposed to be there. I'm not sure why all this stuff is bundled into this .NET package with no indication or documentation on if you need to install all of them or not.

I see this for many of the .NET Security Updates that get released and its quite confusing.

Thanks for any details you can provide

2021-03 .NET 5.0.4 Security Update for x64 Server


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Hi,@ComputerUser88633-8742 Can you select and just download the x64 version? After checking the x86 and x64 client package, I found x64 has the same exe as x86's, so I guess you can just download x64 version in x64 Server download package.

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Its cald update bundle
you see all bundled packages when you check MU catalog
but on your OS, Windows Update is smart enough to only find and download the packages applicable to your OS (i.e. per packages you already have), it does not install anything new

p.s. you see x86 .NET packages because they also can be installed on x64 OS

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