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Records still editable when "Block Edit and Delete" is selected in Record Declaration settings

As site collection admin, I selected "Block Edit and Delete" in Record Declaration settings of Records Centre site, but a record in library can still be edited, though the delete is indeed blocked.

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If a document or an item is successfully declared as a record and locked as Read-Only, you should see a “padlock” icon associated with the document/item, which suggests that "System Account checked out this item".
It will return an error while someone tries to edit (check out) or delete this document in this scenario.


Please see the extra configurations you need after “In Place Records Management” feature is activated under Site collection features:

  1. Set if you want to enable manual declaration for records be default at list level via Site Settings > Record declaration settings, and which user roles can declare and undeclare record status manually.


  2. Set list-level settings via Library/List settings > Record declaration settings.


  3. If you have allowed manual declaration for records at both site level and list level, you should be able to declare records via select file > Ellipsis (Show actions) > More > Compliance details and click “Declare as an in place record”.


  4. If you have disabled manual declaration for records, make sure you have a policy or workflow configured for declaration.

Reference: Configuring in place records management.

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Thanks for responding. I made sure my site collection settings and library settings on Record Declaration are exactly the same as shown in your screenshot. But after I declared a records from another library in another site collection using "Send to", the record landed in the correct library and I am able to edit and delete the record no errors. The Compliance Details shows this is no a "In place record", since it is not a record, it does not following the record declaration rules, right?

Before I checked "Automatically declare as records when they are added to list" it also let me edit, but not let me delete, but then there is no option to undeclare record. I am the site collection admin.

Please advise

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I tested further, the behaviour is what you described.

But the problem is, we are going to send records from other site collections by users via "Send to" to the record centre as records. It is not practical for users to go to the destination library after "Send to" and select the files and declare them as records, so they are shown as locked and not editable or deleteable.

If we choose "Automatically declare items as records when they are added to the list" instead of "Site collection default (allow manual declaration)" then the records will become records once in the library, but then there is no way to undeclare it by Admin for editing, in case there is a metadata update.

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This is the default behavior for record declaration. Enabling Automatic Declaration will remove the ability for manual declaration/undeclaration of records, which is by design.
If you want to keep the ability of metadata update, Automatic Declaration needs to be off.

If you have request on changing the behavior or extend settings for Record Declaration, it is recommended to submit your idea via the SharePoint UserVoice forum.
Any idea is appreciated to help improve SharePoint products.

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