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Azure Redis Cache update logs

Hi Azure Cache for Redis team,

We have been experiencing service outages in one of our App Services when instances permanently lose their connection to the Azuire Cache for Redis.

Every time these outages occur we see also see a Redis Cache error with ErrorType=Failover at the same timestamp.

We would like to determine if these outages we experience are due to Redis Cache updates as mentioned on the Azure Cache for Redis - Cache Failover page - or if they are something else.

Where can we find the log of Redis Cache updates and also, aside from scheduling when updates can occur, can we learn before hand when an update will be applied?


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Hi @JakeFoley-9016

Here are few documents that give the complete Troubleshooting guide for Azure Redis Cache

  1. Server Side

  2. Client Side

  3. TimeOuts

  4. DataLoss

Server side patching definitely has a effect as explained in one of the document above.

Please go through these and check if these help and the application should be prepared for patching outages and the document explains the same. If that is not possible, the right way forward is to contact support and work with them regarding the Failover error type.

Hope this helps.

Navtej S

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I would also like to know precisely when the update occurred because I would like to correlate that timestamp with timeout errors. After checking all other troubleshooting steps the only item that stands out is the possibility of the server updating. However I can't correlate that data if I can;t find a timestamp of when it occurred.

Is there a console command I can use to see when it was updated? Is the timestamp of the update indicated in any spot on the portal?

In my scenario I am not seeing any errors in metrics but we are experiencing timeouts that I am diagnosing and would like to rule out the update. I can't rule it out since I can't determine when exactly the update happened, thus I can't troubleshoot effectively.

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FYI, found a serviceable method to find runtime.

Went into console, typed in "info" and saw server uptime of 12 days and an uptime in seconds which could be used to figure out when it rebooted / updated / started. This is outside the window of my investigation so it rules out the update as the cause of timeouts.

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Hi Navtej,

Thank you for the sites. I've read those and couldn't find a reference to where the patching history is shown or if it exists.

I'll contact support as you recommend.


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Regarding Patching history as the document says patching largely happens behind the scene, it may not be available. From your end you can definitely check this document specifically error metrics and you can capture the same for more information about these.-

Additionally you can set alert based on alerts and activity logs: This article explains:

Navtej S

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@publically-8840, @JakeFoley-9016

Please also share the ticket number for your case so that if any traction is needed we can contact internally to get it.

Navtej S

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