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Making Available Demonstration RS Reports

Hi All RS users and interested people.

Not so much a question.

Way back in 2006 I spent about 500 hours creating a suite of RS reports as demos for data models we were selling.

We dropped them in 2010 for a number of reasons.

I have had reason to upgrade them to VS 2017 in the last week and I am making the RS reports / custom assembly freely available to anyone who wants them.

They contain a lot of lessons for how to build a report suite that can be customised through the custom assembly at run time.

I also published the SPs which are very instructive.

I published a post that introduces the reports here:

The source code is here:

If anyone has any questions about them you can get me here or peter at peternolan dot com.

For those who don't know me?

I am very well known in the large scale BI area. I have been in BI for 30 years now.

With the improvements in SQL Server I will be doing BI mostly on SQL Server for my remaining years before retirement.

So anyone who has questions about how to do large scale BI on SQL server?

Please feel free to ask me here or on the SQL Server Q and A I guess.

Best Regards


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