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How to limit the logs that are forwarding to Log Analytics based on log level

I am using spark-listeners-loganalytics_3.0.1_2.12 and spark-listeners_3.0.1_2.12 in my spark application that is running on databricks. With the default configuration, I am getting too many logs in Azure Log Analytics. I want to limit the logs that are forwarding to Log Analytics.

I tried to configure it as below and added file as init script in my databricks job cluster.

 tee -a "$SPARK_CONF_DIR/" << EOF
 export AZ_SUBSCRIPTION_ID=xxxxx
 export LA_SPARKLOGGINGEVENT_NAME_REGEX="com.demo.sample.*"

Now I am getting logs with logger_name_s matches the regexr "com.demo.sample.*"

Requirement is to forward logs specific to "com.demo.sample.*" package and also ERROR logs from all other packages to Log Analytics. Is there any way I can configure it !!

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Hello @vikaskatru-8230 and welcome to Microsoft Q&A.

After some digging I found some documentation on how to filter in more detail. Let me know if you can see the below link.

I know this isn't a final answer, but I wanted to share what I found in case you are faster with these things than I am.

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Thanks @MartinJaffer-MSFT , I already gone through that documentation. I even tried with below config:

 export LA_SPARKLOGGINGEVENT_NAME_REGEX="com.demo.sample.*"

It's filtering out based on the package name I have given, but not with the Log level. I need something like logs from specific package + ERROR logs from all packages.

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