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Problems connecring Oulook 2019 to my usual mailbox

Hi ! Thanks to Jade Liang for taking interest in my problem! I modified the title. Now the problem is only about my usual mailbox, My gmail mailboxes are now functionnal. I kept to try with the same parameters that I know are the good ones, 993 and 465 ports, SSL/TLS, that failed and suddenly it worked! No explainations... But not my My two others PCs that run Outlook and connect regulary to my use Office 2010 Pro. I updated Office, the version of Outlook is Microsoft Outlook 2019 MSO (16.0.13801.20240) 32 bits. I cleaned my profiles. I tried to add the account from Outlook and also from the control panel, with no effects. I can connect to using telnet on 25 port, launch usual commands, as on on 110 port, and on on 143 port. I tried with Thunderbird and Mailbird. With each I initially tried the automatic configuration. Thunderbird gave me a 143/25, no secure protocol. If I try to change any parameter it fails to connect. Mailbird produced something nice :, 993, SSL/TLS,, 587, SSL/TLS and woks nicely I suspect the bbox server - IBM software, "CAPABILITY IMAP4rev1" - being a bit strange, and I can't get help from the provider - he says that he is not responsible for problems with outlook... I looked at the Events journal. In "Applications" I don't see anything significant, if not a Warning, ID 36 : "Search ne peut pas effectuer l’indexation des données Outlook. Impossible de continuer l’indexation pour C:\Users\moi\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\ (erreur=0x80340800). Si cette erreur persiste, contactez le support technique Microsoft." A bit complicated... I use this address since twelve years. Sure, it was not a big choice. It is the one I made... Changing an e-mail address is more ennoying than a physical address. You get necessarily more correspondants than you had before.

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Hi @JeanPierreTremblet-3645,
Just checking in to see if above information was helpful. If you have any further updates on this issue, please feel free to post back.

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Hi @JeanPierreTremblet-3645,

Thanks for your update here.

I read all your descriptions above carefully and got some personal ideas, please check the information below and see if they could help:

  1. To firstly confirm if there is something wrong with this specific usual email account, please try to log in your web mail or the two other Outlook 2010 clients and check if it could send and receive normally there.

  2. If it indeed could work fine on the two Outlook 2010 clients, then we need to check if the account settings we set on your Outlook 2019 client are proper.
    We could get the correct configuration information from those two Outlook 2010 clients(File > Account settings > Account Settings > Email > Select your email account > Change > More Settings). Then, compare with your settings in Outlook 2019 and see if there is any difference. Make sure you have already use the same account settings to avoid possible issues.

  3. If the issue still continues, then we might could infer that the issue is more related to this specific Outlook 2019 client. As I know, Firewall and Antivirus program in your Windows might will block your connections to your mail server, it is suggested for you to reboot your Windows in safe mode and only run Outlook 2019 alone to test and check how is the issue going.

  4. By the way, have you tried the same tests in other Outlook 2019 desktop clients yet? As I know, different mail servers have different support for different versions of Outlook client. For example, some old exchange servers could not support newer Outlook versions like Outlook 2019. To confirm if this is your issue, you could try to configure the same email account to other Outlook 2019 clients and see if there is any differences.

Any update, please feel free to post back.

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