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Add nameserver with glue record programmatically


I currently have to update a number of primary zone by adding a new external nameserver. I was aiming to do it fully automatic but the glue record part is problematic.
When I use the GUI, I can add a new nameserver and set an IP address for it. It create a glue record and I'm able to use the zone transfer as expected.
But when using the powershell command : Add-DnsServerResourceRecord -ZoneName 'ZONE' -NS -nameserver 'NAMESERVER FQDN'
The record nameserver is created but in the GUI the IP appears as Unknown and the zone transfer don't work.
Is there a way to create properly a glue record ?


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Are these zones internal, or are they known to the "outside world"? If they're "world knowable" I believe the only place you can add glue records is at the domain registrar. They're responsible for delegation.

OTOH, if they're internal zones, and not stub zones, you may have to do this manually or use the DNSCMD utility.

I'm no authority on DNS, though. Maybe someone else has a better answer.

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The zone is external and world knowable.
I manage to add the line manually in the dns file directly on the server like the GUI does.
It seems to work as expected but the solution isn't pretty at all.
Thanks for hint btw :)

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Shouldn't you just add a NS record, and then an A/AAAA record in the zone? A NS record only holds the nameserver name, not the address. The address is in the A/AAAA record(s) for name.

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