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Bot throws 'Send failed' Retry error though response received

Can you help me to solve the un-necessary error occurs though the Bot provided response from the external API?

Error: Send Failed. Retry (I believe this is occurs from CDN)

Bot is hosted in the sharepoint site. V3 framework


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Is it possible to add more information of your bot and setup along the calls being made before encountering this error?

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Are you using either the v3 'BotChat' or the v4 'Web Chat' implementation? Can you include any code (minus secrets/keys) for your embedded BotChat/Web Chat as well as code for the dialog that is called when this occurs? Does this occur with every user input?

Also, which SDK language did you use for your bot (C# or JS)?

Do you see any error messages reported in the console tab or in the Network tab located in the browser's developer tools?

You can also enable Application Insights for your bot's app service to see what error codes may be passing thru. If the cause is due to the delay, you will see a 400 type error reported here (I can't remember which). However, the actual error reported from the bot will be a 500 error which (if memory serves me) should be listed in the 'customDimensions' property of the logged activity.

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Also, you mention making a call to an external API. The 'Send Failed. Retry' message may be related to this. The DirectLine channel connector, used with BotChat/Web Chat, requires that the bot respond within 15 seconds. If a call you are making to the external API is causing the bot to delay sending a response within this time frame, then this is likely causing the above error. As the user input is submitted, it is initially getting blocked by the delay. However, once the delay clears, then the user input succeeds in sending. The 'retry' message isn't clearing since the message success is happening after the fact. If this is the cause, you can send an immediate response ('Getting info...') to satisfy the time constraint and a proactive message once the data is available.

I haven't tried using the proactive message solution linked above as I don't have a v3 bot. But be aware that this solution isn't officially from MS so any issues you encounter from using it will not be supported by MS. If you try the above, please read the last posted comment in the article about switching from a deprecated method to a new one.

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