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Xamarin.Forms WebView dropping cookies on Android 10

One of the libraries we use in our app forced us to upgrade to using Android SDK 30.

Ever since doing that, we have been having a problem where the WebView will drop cookies. This only happens when running on Android 10 and above.

I've dumped the cookies in Navigating( ) and compared them with what they are in Navigated( ) and some are missing. There is no pattern as to how many cookies get dropped or how many total cookies there have to be before it starts dropping them.

I've checked the Cookies return from the web request and they aren't being "removed" by the server.

Has anyone run into this? Any ideas?

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Hi @DonMesserli-4288 , could you please share your detailed steps and screenshots with me?

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@JessieZhang-2116 I can send logs. Screenshot won't help.

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Logs can also be, we can find some clues based on logs.

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