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Central Admin - Product / patch installation or server upgrade required.


In sharepoint 2016 on-premise, in central admin, we get the error that "Product / patch installation or server upgrade required. - All required products must be installed on all servers in the farm, and all products should have the same patching and upgrade level across the farm."

I run "stsadm.exe -o localupgradestatus > e:\UpgradeStatus.txt"

And search for "needs upgrade" and find two of these:

<status>Needs Upgrade</status>

So, how do I upgrade these two subsites so that we don't get the error?


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Hi @DanielM-6075,

To narrow down this issue, let's verify the followings:

  • Did you install patches on your SharePoint farm recently? If yes, have you installed patches on all your APP servers and WFE servers? And have you also installed MUI/language patch if there is? Have you run SharePoint 2016 Products Configuration Wizard or executed PSConfig.exe -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -force -cmd applicationcontent -install -cmd installfeatures after installing patches on all SharePoint servers in your farm?

There is an article about troubleshooting such issue for your reference: SharePoint 2016 Product / Patch installation or server upgrade required.

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Yes, we installed february patches in late february and we have installed them on all four servers in the farm. 2 app and 2 wfe.
Yes, regular and language pack on all. In "Check product and patch installation status" the version numbers look fine on all servers.
Yes, PSconfiguGUI.exe has been executed on all four servers.

The only thing I can find that seems out of place is "review database status" which says "Database is up to date, but some sites are not completely upgraded." on one of our three content databases. This is the content database that has the two sites that "needs upgrade" from the stsadm.exe command.

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Thanks for your reply. Please try to run upgrade-spcontentdatabase <the content database name> to resume the upgrade.

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During the time of patching i also ran

Get-SPContentDatabase | Where-Object {$_.needsupgrade -eq $true} | Upgrade-SPContentDatabase
They all get upgraded. The log for the Content DB says this

DEBUG NeedsFeatureUpgradeByType [BuildUpgrade] true because of feature [Feature 'MySiteMicroBlog' (Id: 15/'ea23650b-0340-4708-b465-441a41c37af7')] with instance version [] < [] definition version in Web 'xxx'. e263af9f-42c6-e08c-658c-ff671d6f8de3

The other site that "needs upgrade" has this:
DEBUG SPWeb [xxx2] [Styrgruppen för samordning av ekonomisk statistik (SAMEK)] appears to have completed primary site provisioning.

INFO VERSION LOG (SET): Attempted to set SchemaVersion to == on Web xxx2 -- skipping. e263af9f-42c6-e08c-658c-ff671d6f8de3

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