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How to add features to the small square on the right side of the property value (in properties window)?

I'm working on a WPF application. On this application, I use custom MarkupExtension that I add to my WPF with a custom DialogPropertyValueEditor. My problem is that once I've added my MarkupExtension, I can't change it, the field is locked.


I have to reset the property and then create a new one. This reset is done by clicking on the small square on the right side.
(sorry, it's french version of VS)

I would like to know if it is possible to add or modify functionalities to the context menu of this small square.

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Could you show the code for custom MarkupExtension and custom DialogPropertyValueEditor? Did you add MarkupExtension like other Controls in the XAML code? Do the blocked field in Visual studio Properties page?

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Code for MarkupExrension :
Code for DialogPropertyValueEditor :

My MarkupExtension isn't used like a control but like a property value of a control's properties. To add my MarkupExtension I use a window inspired by this documentation :

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