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Microsoft Luis System Exception

Hey everyone, I created my first dialog using Microsoft Luis and runs perfectly when I run it in Local. But when I run it in dev my code does not work and get these exception messages. Can anyone help me resolve the issue?

  1. Could not convert string 'Form' to dictionary key type 'Luis.TtiSkillMyItLuis+Intent'. Create a TypeConverter to convert from the string to the key type object. Path 'intents.Form', line 1, position 81.

2.Could not find file 'C:\home\site\wwwroot\Responses\FormResponses.lg'.

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@kishanpatel-5435 What is the dev environment you are referring to? Is it a VM or your application executable that is not running as expected?

From the second message it looks like you deployed your code on a web app which might not be completely successful. Is there any tutorial or a document you followed to create and deploy your application with LUIS packages?

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