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Soap request using Logic app custome connector - How to handle CData

I have created Logic app customer connector to call my Soap request. Call mode in Logic app is SOAP to REST. When I I have CDATA <![CDATA[ XML String ]]>. How shall I handle this. Its asking for Json string. If I convert my XML to jason and pass its not working either.

Please help....

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@KalpeshPatel-8640 Can you please confirm if my understanding is correct that you have deployed the custom connector and while using any of the action/triggers it returns the CDATA. When you tried converting the response from XML to JSON then also it didn't work.

Sharing similar discussion here.

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Hello @MayankBargali-MSFT ,

Yes, I have deployed custom connector which I am using in my Logic App. I am unable to place request because it request it has CDATA. Its giving me error.

Please let me know if we can connect offline and I shall give you more details.

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