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WSL2 linux kernel (not default microsoft kernel) not invoking.

Hi, I installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS WSL2. I build linux kernel and given .wslconfig file in the path C:\\Users\\<my_user_name> I wrote .wslconfig as [wsl2] kernel=C:\Users\sysadmin\load_kernel\vmlinux where vmlinux is the image of the linux kernel and I run wsl --shutdown and restart the WSL2. When I bootup it is showing, The operation timed out because a response was not received from the virtual machine or container. Press any key to continue... Please help how to proceed with the error, and also I don't want to use microsoft default kernel.

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Thanks for your post! I have read this post and doing research on it, if there's any update, I'll feedback as soon as possible.

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