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download outlook attachment via api in angular 10

I am trying to access outlook mail api and trying to download attachment in mails. For smaller attachments, it works fine. For something more than 1MB it just fails.

async downloadAttachment(mail: ET.IOutlookMailItem, att: ET.IOutlookMailAttachment) {

this.graphService.getRawAttachment(, att.attachmentId).then(resp => {
// saveAs is from file-saver for blob saving
saveAs(resp, att.attachmentName);

async getRawAttachment(messageid: string, attachmentid: string): Promise<any> {
try {
let result = await this.graphClient
.api('/me/messages/' + messageid + '/attachments/' + attachmentid + '/$value')
return result;
} catch (error) {

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Hi @HPrakash-1756,

Welcome to our forum.

Please kindly understand under Outlook tag, we mainly focus on general issue on Outlook desktop client, considering your issue may be more related to mail api, I removed outlook tag and add api tag, thanks for your understanding and hope your issue would be resolved soon.

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  • Please share the detailed error id that you're receiving (along with requestid, timestamp)

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