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Visual Studio 2019 problem with Visual Basic .NET

Hi everyone, I do not know if I am in the right area, however I ask here my problem with the Visual Basic .NET programming of Visual Studio 2019 Community.
Specifically, I have a problem with managing reports via the .NET Component Report Viewer. I can't dynamically manage a field and make it either a text or an image, based on the value I get programmatically. So what I need is that the field becomes a text field when I have a generic value, it becomes an image field, when instead I have an image value. All this must be done dynamically and the text or image must be in the same overlapping cell, they cannot be side by side or above and one below, they must be in the same position and they must be able to change dynamically. Could someone please help me out?
I hope I was understandable and comprehensive. In any case, if you need further clarification, I remain available. Also I am attaching below the layout of the report with which I need to solve this problem. I hope someone will answer me. Thank you. Greetings to all.


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Maybe it is possible to place a text field and an image in each cell, then show or hide (collapse) them programmatically, so that the hidden ones will not occupy any space. Check if these fields have corresponding properties that can be controlled programmatically or via expressions.

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Good morning,

thanks in advance for your advice, but as you can see on the picture above, I've tried to place a text field and an image in the same cell, but the problem is that both the image and the text field refers to the same value that I have in my database. And then if my value is an image, I can correctly see the image but the text field give me an error and shows me an error text. Maybe I was wrong to make programmatically the controls. If you have other ideas please tell me. Solving this problem is very importan for me. Thanks again. Bye.

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