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DAX - Change the value of a given column to the another one

Dear PBI community,

I am seeking for some help on this one, as my DAX skills are still limited.
I am trying to combine the 2 attached tabs, with 1 dimension as Westbound and the other as Eastbound. The Days to LUP Dep and Week do not have the same value in each tabs, so the week and days measures cannot be combined while keeping the LUP Days and week columns.

I would like to change the error data from the week and Days to LUP tab in the Westbound section to the value of the week and Days to LUP tab of the Eastbound to create a tab where the total value combine by Vessel Code with the week and days value of the Eastbound.

Do you have an easy fix for that? The error value in week is always -1/ and in days -99 if that helps.! Many thanks for your help, much appreciate!


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Currently, Microsoft Q&A supports the products listed over here: supported topics (more to be added later on).

Your issue about PowerBI is not supported now. You could open a support ticket about PowerBI here: PowerBI support. In the Part Still having issues, there is a button called Create Support Ticket

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