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Can't create Data Factory

I'm trying to create my first data factory in a free subscription. It keeps telling me that the name is already taken. I've used a totally random strings of characters and it won't take it. I've tried about 20 different iterations.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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Not able to reproduce this. I tried to create ADF in East US 2 with RFDataFactoryDemo and the name is accepted. Could you try this once? Also try this in different browser or in private mode.


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I've tried Chrome, Edge and Firefox and I've tried two different locations. Still getting the same answer. It's starting to get annoying...might have to switch to AWS.

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@robertfrasca-8726 Sorry for your trouble. In which region you are trying to create the data factory ? I have tried to create in EAST US and it is not showing me any errors.
Please can you clear your browser cache's or as suggested by @vaibhavchaudhari try creating it using on InPrivate/Incognito browser.
Can you try creating using the same name - "datafactory233" which I have tried to check for East US and share us your result please ?

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@robertfrasca-8726 Following up as I haven't head back from you. Please let me know if you are still facing issues and need help ?

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