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how to get My Analytics accessible /viewable by users?

In O365 admin centre > settings >Org Settings, My Analytics is listed

Under "Which ‎MyAnalytics‎ elements should users have access to?"

All three are checked:

  1. Insights dashboard

  2. Weekly digest

  3. Insides Outlook add-in

But as a user where do I get to see "My analytics"? I tried to the Dashboard: but got an error "Sorry, try again"

Can some one give a pointer on how to get user to see "My analytics" dashboard or others?

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Hi Yiru

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Open Specifications, it appeared your question is not related to Open Specifications outline here. I removed the tag [openspecs-office-sharepoint] and added [microsoft-graph-insights] tag for better support.

Here is an article that talks about how to Configure MyAnalytics that might provide some insight while you wait for the support from MyAnalytics Support.

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Thanks for re-tagging. I looked that linked article. Our setting has everything checked /enabled just like what's shown in the article. Accordingly, I should be able to access My Analytics dashboard, but I can't. That is my question, why can't I access the My Analytics dashboard while everything is enabled according to the documentation?

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Hi Yiru

Adding two more tags [office-deployment] and [office-itpro] Depends where you obtained the license, you might want to contact them for support as well.

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@YiruChen-1261 , @HungChunYu-3579
Tag "office-itpro" focuses on general issues about Office clients and "office-deployment" focuses on general issues about planning, deployment, and compatibility of Office desktop products. Based on your description, your issue is more related to MyAnalytics which is not in the scope of the two tags. I will remove them. Thanks for your understanding.
For personal suggestion, you may check the user's permission.

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