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If this is not the best forum to open a dialogue about InTune and interoperability with other products, please direct me.

We use a java based applet for our electronic records management. On domain joined machines without InTune; we can integrate our Panasonic scanner to scan documents into the EMR but on InTune joined machines that link seems to fail.

The Panasonic scanner model is KV-S1026C and the only difference in software configurations is one is a local domain joined machine and the other is InTune.


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@DanielCayea-3374, From your decryption, I notice the Intune joined machines are failed to access the link. If there's any misunderstanding, please let us know.

To clarify the issue, could you collect the following information for us
1. What is the error code when we bowser the link manually?
2. If we choose a device without any policy configured, will it still be failed.
3. When we unenroll the device from Intune but not domain joined, can the scan be successful?

Please collect the above information. If there's anything unclear, feel free to let us know.

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@DanielCayea-3374, How's everything going? Could you provide the above information to us to know the issue better? if there's any update, feel free to let us know.

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