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Openextensions on DriveItem ?

Hi, I know the doc say that it's not allow form driveItem but why ?

I would like to add a request for that but the is down ...

My need :

I have a bot that create a tree folder structure when a new client is created in our CRM.
like this :

[CustomerId] - Contract
- Emails
- Supports
----- Photos
- Photos
- etc.

Some times folder are renamed by users (it's requiered but the client), so i would like to store inside the folder (driveitem) a metadata with a id that i can search on, even if the folder name have changed

- Contract (ref : Contract)
- Communications (ref : Emails)
- All supports (ref : Supports)
------ Images (ref : Supports-Photos)
- Photos (ref : Main-Photos)
- etc.

Any suggestion ? Thx

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