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How can i handle or find where is exactly crash in UI ?

How can i handle or find where is exactly crash in UI - Unhandled exception...
I want to know crash log with proper line number or method name

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An attempt is that you could try to change the debug mode of your project from managed only to Mixed in the property of the project. Not sure if this works.

From the error message, it only shows the exception is related to an array. But from your screenshot, there is no array object in that method. Could you please tell me if you are operating some array objects in the method or not?

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No array in the method...i just want to know is there a way to get better way of error line which line number property name method name any?

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You could try to set the debug mode into Mixed that might help. If you set it already, I'm afraid there is no more good ways to directly tell which line gives the exception. My suggestion is that using App Center might be able to help.

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I haven't heard from you these days. Is your question solved?

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