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Using PutParcelable with Bundle from OnSaveInstanceState & OnCreate

I have several Views for which I want to save the state using the PutParcelable method of the Bundle passed to OnSaveInstanceState & OnCreate. I am very new to Xamarin.Android, and have never used PutParcelable before. Can anybody tell me how to do the create the IParcelable from a View (the Views I am using are not custom, they are standard Views, so I think they have IParcelable implemented), as well as recreate the View afterwards using the IParcelable? Thanks.

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Welcome to our Microsoft Q&A platform!

I made a simple demo based on the official sample activitylifecycle, and it works properly.

You can refer to the following code :

1.create a class Book and implement Java.Lang.Object, IParcelable

 public class Book: Java.Lang.Object, IParcelable
     public string Name;
  public string Author;
  public string Editor;
  public int Year;
  public string CoverPath;
  public override string ToString ()
  return string.Format ("{0} - {1}", Name, Author);
  [ExportField ("CREATOR")] // Need a reference to Mono.Android.Export
  public static BookCreator InitializeCreator ()
  return new BookCreator ();
  public void WriteToParcel (Parcel dest, ParcelableWriteFlags flags)
  dest.WriteString (Name);
  dest.WriteString (Author);
  dest.WriteString (Editor);
  dest.WriteInt (Year);
  dest.WriteString (CoverPath);
  public int DescribeContents ()
  return 0;
  public class BookCreator : Java.Lang.Object, IParcelableCreator
  public Java.Lang.Object CreateFromParcel(Parcel source)
  Book book = new Book();
  book.Name = source.ReadString();
  book.Author = source.ReadString();
  book.Editor = source.ReadString();
  book.Year = source.ReadInt();
  book.CoverPath = source.ReadString();
  return book;
  public Java.Lang.Object[] NewArray(int size)
  return new Java.Lang.Object[size];
 } MainActivity, we just added the following code in OnCreate and OnSaveInstanceState:

     protected override void OnSaveInstanceState (Bundle outState)
         Book book = new Book {Name="book1", Author ="Hello", Editor= "Editor1", Year=2020 };

         Log.Debug(GetType().FullName, "Activity A - Saving instance state");

         // always call the base implementation!
         base.OnSaveInstanceState (outState);    

3.method OnCreate:

     protected override void OnCreate(Bundle bundle)
        Log.Debug(GetType().FullName, "Activity A - OnCreate");
       SetContentView (Resource.Layout.Main);

         if (bundle != null)
             Book book = (Book)bundle.GetParcelable("mBook");

             Log.Debug(GetType().FullName, "Activity A - Recovered instance state");
             Toast.MakeText(this,"book name: " + book.Name + " , book Author : " + book.Author, ToastLength.Short).Show();

And when we rotate the device to landscape mode, the book data is preserved!

Best Regards,

Jessie Zhang

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