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Azure K8S and Container registry not appearing in azure portal

Hi guys , I'm starting work now with azure devops and created my self a demo project with CI/CD , for this i created AKS and azure container registry , the thing is that after few days when im searching my resources ( aks and registry) i cannot find them in azure portal , but I do find them when i executed a "get" command from azure CLI , is that normal ? additionally i added a resource locks from delete at the resource group level .

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@AvivLevi-3381 , thank you for reaching out to us. Happy to help. This is definitely not a normal behavior. Can you please check if you are in the Tenant in which you created your resources ( AKS and Registry)? You can do so by Clicking on Directory + Subscription option on the top right of Azure portal after Login:


Please note, the current Tenant will be the highlighted one. Also, please check what permissions do you have for Subscription in which you created the resource.

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Hi Harshita thank you for the response , i just checked and i know forsure that i created the resources in the specific tenant , i have a role of owner on my susbscription .

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