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Windows10 boot manager not remembering the default settings and not getting booted

I had an issue with while booting windows 10 on my dell inspiron laptop. It all started when I put my laptop to sleep after using it. It wouldn't switch on back when I try to switch it on. So I restarted it using ctrl+alt+delete. While restarting it got struck on the dell logo. After going through various internet forums I got to know it may be due to either software or hardware issue. First I ran a hardware diagnostics test (press F12 while powering on the laptop and then choose diagnostics). The test said the all my hardware components are working fine. Then I decided to do a software test. I followed this link, reset my boot options to default, applied the settings, saved the settings and then clicked on the exit. It ran an automatic repair first, then my laptop got booted and I was able to login to the system. After using for a while, I put it in sleep mode again, and when I tried to switch it on again, it just won't switch back on. I had gone through the above mentioned process again. The worst part is it got stuck with Dell logo with loading symbol for last 30 mins. Now, How do I boot into my system? How can I make the system remember the bios settings I applied?

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I would recommend you to check Dell support website and see if there is any new firmware or BIOS update for your device:
You my contact their support and check this issue with them.
Most likely this is an issue with the BIOS and not the Windows.

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When computer wakes from sleep, drivers need to be reload, if there is any issue occurred at this time, computer cannot be waked, then we need to force restart.
During restart process, computer will self-check and boot as boot options, if computer stuck on Dell logo, it means computer still doesn’t boot into Windows process, issue is more related to hardware or firmware.
You need to contact Dell support for help, maybe your CMOS or firmware has something wrong. You could follow this guide to Perform a BIOS or CMOS Reset and Clear the NVRAM on Dell Systems, next check result.,for%20the%20CMOS%20to%20clear.

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