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How can I tell from a Call Record if a user declined a call?

When looking at a Call Record (either requested via Postman or received via a subscription and handled in a script) I'm unable to tell which, if any, users declined a call in the beta endpoint.

In a real world example, I declined a call to a queue yesterday, which was then picked up by another team member. Both of us showed up as participants in the call record (I guess that's ok??), but there was no flag/value/identifier in the JSON session object to say that I'd declined and the other member had answered.

The only way I can differentiate this is by checking the callStart and callEnd values, and if the gap between the two is short (<1s?) then consider it declined. However, this may not always be true (eg, someone picks up the call but accidentally hangs up their handset). Therefore data captured using this time comparison method may not be an accurate record.

What can I look at to clearly identify when a participant in a call declines instead of answers?

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which particular beta endpoint are you referring to?

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@FionaMatu-8876, the only one I'm aware of that provides call records:

  GET /communications/callRecords/{id}
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