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Actionable Message - Outlook throws Internal Server Error everytime Action.Http is triggered

I have been using actionable message in my email for a year. However, I suddenly keep getting "An error occurred. Please try again later." whenever I trigger Action.Http now. This happens to both new and older actionable message I have in my email account. Upon inspection, I noticed there is an (500) Internal Server Error thrown by{key}/adaptiveCard/executeAction?culture=en-US. The preview of the error ![80462-image.png][1] [1]: /answers/storage/attachments/80462-image.png

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Hi @ClarestaVivian-8119,

Welcome to our forum.

Are you using Outlook desktop client?

If yes, in order to confirm if your issue is related to your Outlook desktop client, it is suggested for you to test these Actionable Message via your web mail and see if the issue has any difference there. By the way, as I know, Actionable Message is a feature provided by Office 365, we have no related-options from the desktop client side to change that. Since here we mainly focus on general issues about Outlook desktop client and know little about how to troubleshooting this Actionable Message feature, in order to better solve your issue, I would suggest you to post your issue to the dedicated forum for Office 365. Thanks for your understanding and support and hope your question will be resolved soon.

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hi @JeffYang-MSFT . I tested both on outlook desktop client and web mail. Thanks, I will post my issue on the Office 365 forum.

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Grateful to your understanding and hope your question will be resolved soon. Best Regards.

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