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Does a custom data provider (.Net Standard 2.0) can be intergrated to Visual Studio 2019 such as: Server Explorer and DataSet designer?

I created a custom data provider on .Net Standard 2.0. Now, I want to intergrate it to VS2019 to support features: Server Explorer and DataSet designer. Is it possible? I have checked around, but doesn't have a confirmation or sample.

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Hi @HenryNguyen-4630 , welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum. It is a little difficult to confirm if it is possible to integrate a custom data provider to VS 2019. I have checked the documents about extend Server Explorer and DataSet designer but I also didn’t find any related samples to integrate the custom data provider.

I think it may be better and easier to confirm this if you contact someone who has the experience of integrating similar things like custom data provider to Visual Studio. Perhaps you can try to search the related(similar) extensions in Visual Studio Marketplace and contact with the author of the extension to see if you can find the answer of this issue.

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