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Authorization_RequestDenied - Insufficient privileges to complete the operation

Hello everyone,

I tried to contact MS support team and they just redirected me here and closed the ticket. I'm integrating MS Teams in our product. We have a verified OAuth app and during the authorize call, we are asking the following scopes to the user: OnlineMeetings.ReadWrite User.Read offline_access
A user is getting the following error when trying to get users information /users/{id}:

   "error": {
     "code": "Authorization_RequestDenied",
     "message": "Insufficient privileges to complete the operation.",
     "innerError": {
       "date": "2021-03-22T09:43:03",
       "request-id": "8c21fd65-3be8-4afa-b090-d812881db264",
       "client-request-id": "8c21fd65-3be8-4afa-b090-d812881db264"

What does that mean and how do I remediate it? Is it a problem on MS side? Do I need to reauthenticate the user?

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Hello @lord-vault to debug this issue would you kindly paste your access token on and check the scopes for this permission OnlineMeetings.ReadWrite

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