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powershell.base.rules custom MP to import. what do I configured once it is imported into SCOM 2019 from SCOM 2012? Do I have to see if the version of the dependencies match?

![80774-powershellbasedrules.png][1] [1]: /answers/storage/attachments/80774-powershellbasedrules.png I want to import this custom MP. It is not a override but some kind of rule hence the name "powershell.based.rules" Searched in authoring(ops console) > rules but I get too many rules? What else do I configure after the import. I was looking for this to view in authoring>rules on the SCOM 2012 so I can recreate on SCOM 2019. The MP stores SCOM rules that are to be created to execute Powershell script on a recurring time interval. Scripts are designe to create windows events based upon determined health states. corresponding event log monitors or rules should then be created to pick up any occurence of the events to allow for alert creation and notification. dependencies are system center core library and system library. What do I configure and how after this custom MP is imported into the new SCOM 2019? The dependencies are System Library 7.5.8501.0 and System Center Core Llibrary 7.5.8501.0. Do these versions of these two files have to be exact in the SCOM 2019 that this MP is imported into?

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