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Powershell Array

Hi guys! Please forgive me for my English. I have a DirectAccess Server. I need to unload from Get-RemoteAccessConnectionStatistics | select HostName, ClientIPv6Address Value. And then write the data to the dns server. In the output, I get something like this (name and AAAA(ipv6)): HostName ClientIPv6Address -------- ----------------- IEK\NB6835$ fde4:7614:cdf1:1000:75c6:34f8:5de9:e018 host/NB6300.123.local fde4:7614:cdf1:1000:10a4:cd0:3874:212f host/NB3437.123.local fde4:7614:cdf1:1000:e4c6:de90:12e4:a61d IEK\NB6867$ fde4:7614:cdf1:1000:140e:ce4a:2b28:416f IEK\NB6333$ fde4:7614:cdf1:1000:68f9:2616:957f:3e86 host/nb6272.123local fde4:7614:cdf1:1000:4c7f:f58e:7f3d:2476 IEK\NB6300$ fde4:7614:cdf1:1000:3464:86df:16a4:10 IEK\NB6849$ fde4:7614:cdf1:1000:35a1:dba0:a72:d2a7 IEK\NB3582$ fde4:7614:cdf1:1000:8c32:4c88:67d9:ffd1 I don’t understand how to make a split and substitute these values in add-DnsServerResourceRecord -ComputerName dune -ZoneName 123.local -Name ws6872 -IPv4Address fde4:7614:cdf1:1000:887a:c6ad:bf73:2cf1 -AllowUpdateAny -WhatIf Help implement this with a pipeline

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