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UWP full screen app in 2 monitors


We have a UWP app which opens in full screen. Currently because our app opens in full screen it only opens on the primary left screen. Then we have to move it to the other screen each time.

For non full screen apps Windows 10 remembers you moved it to the right screen and opens it there each time. It looks like some apps have a feature inside to say open on the left or right monotor in full screen.

Can you please let me know how to achieve this in UWP full screen apps.

Thank you.

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@MadhuryaLiyanage-9634 There is no such API could be used to remember in which monitor the full-screen UWP app was opened last time.

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Thanks @YanGu-MSFT for the quick reply. Do you think we will be able to achieve this by writing some code our selves. Would something like ProjectionManager will help on this or can you think of anything else that will help us to get this working?

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@MadhuryaLiyanage-9634 ProjectionManager class is used to send a secondary window(app view) to the secondary display. ProjectionManager class couldn’t send the main window of an app to a secondary display. There is a workaround that you could use ProjectionManager.SwapDisplaysForViewsAsync method to swap the main window and secondary window in two monitors and close the secondary window actively. But the workaround is not elegant. You could go to the Feedback Hub and submit a feature request.

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