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User account Synchronization issue - Multi tenants

Hello there,

we have some user accounts in in office 365 and getting synchronized to Windows AD, which is on For some internal purposes, we are creating user accounts for But, somehow, because of the duplicate attributes, two accounts got merged into single account and user email address changed to

For example,

User e-mail is intially in office 365 -
User account created in domain 2 only on windows AD is -

After merging, turned into invalid account and all his licenses and access has been transferred to
User was some how able to access office 365 suite with with a new password.

Again, we added the to trusted domain and we were able to revert user ID back to

But, now the organization wants to move all employees accounts to

All the accounts have been successfully migrated. But, the problem here is, the user account cannot be migrated as it is getting sync to one of the Windows AD login on Domain2.

So, we have to stop synchronization for the user account. Does it impact his his access and will there be any loss of data, licenses assigned to him?

Thank you!

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Hi @NareshBandi-9459,
Please kindly understand under outlook tag, we mainly focus on general issue on Outlook desktop client, considering your issue may be more related to account sync and windows AD, I would remove outlook tag, thanks for your understanding.

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