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WPF behavior when Windows OS is locked

What happens to WPF window when Windows OS is locked? How WPF behaves? What happens to rendering is it suspended or something else?
How does the OS understand what needs to be resumed when we unlock windows user session?

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Locking screen is used to prevent unwanted users from accessing the device's data. I created a test WPF project, its threads were running and the page rendered without any problems when the screen is locked. Did you meet any error with locking screen?

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Yes, I meet a problem with locking screen and using WPF windows.
The source of the problem is using bitmap cache, described here:
I just try to find a solution how to replace BitmapCache and avoid that issue in my case.

I created an issue on GitHub:
But how to resolve it I don't know exactly, and want to ask a question who knows how WPF rendering works and why using a cached elements invokes the problems.

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