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BizTalk Server Operational data service 50k event limit?

We have problems to get anything else than the 50000 last message events from the BizTalkOperationalDataService/TrackedMessageEvents OData endpoint. I cannot get it to return anything else than the 50k last events. Our BizTalk environment handles several million events per day which basically renders the operational data service useless which is a shame since we want to be able to use it. We are using BizTalk Server 2020 with the latest bits and pieces installed. Same results regardless of method, either direct via Postman or via the Power BI template.

How do we get the BizTalkOperationalDataService/TrackedMessageEvents OData endpoint to return more than the 50k most recent events?

Have a nice day!

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Hi There,

Thank you for asking this question on the Microsoft Q&A Platform.

It seems 50K is the max value supported here. We would like to understand why you want to fetch the more than 50k TrackedMessageEvents which is not recommended on production, because it might cause the slowness of your environment. But still if you want then I would suggest to inject the data in PowerBI tool and from there you can view the data.

Please refer the below MS DOC for a reference,

Kamlesh Kumar
BizTalk Techie

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Hi Kamlesh

Thank you for your reply.

The reason for fetching more than 50k transactions is the fact the we as stated handle millions of transactions per day, 50K worth of transaction is just fraction of what is really going on. This effectively makes this functionality useless which is a shame since apart from this limit is really good.

Have a nice weekend!

Regards Hasse

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Thanks @hasse for the confirmation.

In this case I would suggest to try with the approach suggested in above comment. In that way you'll get more visibilities over the UI.

Kamlesh Kumar
BizTalk Techie

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