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Azure AD Sync WorkflowException - Cannot Find Object GUID

I've been receiving an synchronization error with Azure AD Connect.

Error Type: WorkflowException

UPN: <blank>

Synchronization status: "On premises AD only"

The only thing I have to work with is the Object GUID, but the search results with Get-ADObject doesn't return anything with that GUID. I even exported all objects to CSV to manually look for it.

Nothing to go on in the Event Viewer for the sync server and the troubleshooting tools are no help since I do not have a DN.

I've even did a search against all DCs for the GUID to include deleted items to no avail.


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Thanks for your question! Can you please provide the full error message that you are seeing and a screenshot if you have one?

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Sure not much here though.


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Just realized the Object GUID is changing. I've now seen three different GUIDs.

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