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How do I secure a webapi?

I have registered an App on the website. I downloaded the project that the site gives for the purpose of integration. After I've restored all the Nuget packages associated with this project, I am able to compile it.

However, when I attempt to sign in to the Azure AD, I get the following message.

Error: IDX10205: Issuer validation failed. Issuer: 'System.String'. Did not match: validationParameters.ValidIssuer: 'System.String' or validationParameters.ValidIssuers: 'System.String'.

I have tried to change the value of accessTokenAcceptedVersion from null to "2" and neither values seem to make a difference in the outcome. All I wish to do is have the user provide an access token granted by AzureAD before he can call into the WebAPI.

The project is being developed in ASP .NET and not ASP .NET core.

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I'm having the same problem, that message error with that example I have no idea what ii could be.... HELP!!!!

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Can you share the sample or steps followed to download the code?

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I have the same error message after setting up the Azure Active Directory and downloading the code sample from the Azure AD tutorial

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