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Setup failed when installing .NET Core SDK 3.1.407 and some others in Windows 10 Home | Error code: 0x80070659

Hi! I am trying to install .NET Core SDK 3.1.407, .NET SDK 5.0.201 and Microsoft Windows Desktop Runtime - 3.1.13 (x64) but the setup is always returning the same error code (0x80070659). I dont know what to do, im the owner of the device (i have administrator permissions). This is SO annoying. Can someone help me?

Here is the logfile if someone needs it:
My Environment: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Single Language 10.0.18363 Build 18363


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what does the log file show failed?

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The error message is very clear. System policy does not allow installation. Contact your system administrator for assistance. If you are the system admin then configure the group policy to allow installation.

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Or perhaps you configure Windows in S mode?

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Hi,@DanteMendoza-1725 Try to install it in manager mod and try the solutions in this link, hope it can help.

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