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Sharepoint list restricted permissions

Hello All, I have created a meeting request form (sharepoint list). I would like them to be able to access the form, fill it out, and then submit it. I have also created a flow that generates an email to the meeting organizer with a modify meeting link. Ideally, I would like them to only be able to see their meeting request, and not the entire list of requests from users. I have tried to set list settings (advanced permissions) so that they can only read and edit their own items, and have given site visitors read access. When they click on the link, they can see the list, but there is no "new item" button that they can click on to submit a request (I would also like to change that text to read new meeting request instead of new item, but that is for another time). What am I doing wrong? I only want to give enough permissions so that they can access, submit, and edit their requests, but cannot make changes to the list or other meeting requests. PLEASE HELP!!! Thank you. Ki

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If i understood the question correctly, you want to restrict that item to users who created and not show other items.

For the above request, you might need to use flow to break permissions to the item level.

Try the below article for restricting the item to specific users. You can use "Created by" for the user to whom the item will be restricted including the owners

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Hi Jerry,

Thanks for the suggestion. What would happen if they needed to modify the request? I also have other flows to notify our team, as well as sending them notification first with their meeting request details, and then again if those are modified.

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Hi @KiBang-6590 ,

As per my understanding, you set Item-level Permissions to "Read items that were created by the user" and "Create items and edit items that created by the user" in advanced settings. Also, you give the users "Read" permission level to the list. You are wondering why users cannot create new item in the list. Is my understanding correct?

Your operation in advanced settings is right, users will only be able to read and edit items created by themselves. However, if you only give Read access to those users, it is not enough to make them be able to create items in the list. You must at least give them Contribute permission level if you wanna them have access to create items in the list.

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Allen, thank you. If they are given contribute permission, would they be able to see other requests in the list, or would the advanced permission restrict them to just their own? Also, would they be able to make edits to the list, or delete columns, etc.?

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Thanks for your reply :-)

  1. If you give them contribute permission level, the item-level permissions setting will restrict them to read or edit items created by themselves.

  2. No, they cannot make any changes to the list(add, edit or delete columns/ change list settings/...).

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Thank you for the clarification. If I set a permission for the list, would I have to break inheritance for site permissions? Would the site permissions override the list settings if I don't?


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