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Self hosted Integration Run time

We have a two Sql Server machines and in one Sql Server we already have a self hosted IR installed for Azure Data Factory, but we want one more self hosted IR for Azure Purview. Since in machineA Self hosted IR is already installed, we have installed one more self hosted IR in the machineB and trying to access Sql Server machine A via this. Both these machines are in the same virutal network. But selfhosted IR in machineA is not able to connect to Sql server in machineB and we face below error.

"Check the linked service configuration is correct, and make sure the SQL Database firewall allows the integration"

Can you please let me know if we need to enable any security rules?

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@vijiekambaram-2022 Thanks for using Microsoft Q&A !!
Can you please check if Allow Azure services and resources to access this server On portal is yes on SQL Server -

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@vijiekambaram-2022 Following up as I haven't heard back from you. Are you still having issues ?

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@vijiekambaram-2022 Please let me know if you are still facing issues ?

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